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A friend invited us to his family's holiday house in the mountains. We came and also left earlier than the rest, to skip the New Year's Eve party.

The cars that others arrived in included a Tesla, a 4 Series, and the latest M5 Competition. When I looked up the M5, the cost averaged forty times that of our car's.

At some point, the host asked when I would be looking for a new car. My guess is, meaning to give me space to explain myself. And assuming tax optimisation or other more urgent financial goals. Well, not buying an expensive car is my financial goal. Just like never getting fat is my health-related goal.

Cars are a major status symbol where I live. Appearing to be doing worse than you are is fun most of the time, but sometimes you hear this voice in the back of your head: If you can afford it, imagine how it would feel to show them.

First, this is a sure way to never be satisfied. Second, cars are of no interest to me.

My mantra says that the money I put into savings and investments every month is roughly what my car is worth. This framing feels great. Keeps me out of trouble and in a situation where I can relax about a lot of everyday stuff. My spin class subscription doubled in price? No problem. Save an hour by taking a taxi? Most defintely. Accept a lower offer for a camera I am selling. Overpay for a better plane connection. Be a little kinder than necessary.


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